Ce prix est ainsi nommé en l'honneur de Hugo Gernsback, le créateur de nombreux magazines de Science Fiction qui reçut à ce titre un Hugo spécial en 1960.
Egalement connu en tant que "Science Fiction Achievement Award", il est décerné chaque année à une oeuvre de l'année précédente, par la WSFS (World Science Fiction Society).
Il est remarquable de savoir que le lauréat est choisi parmi des nominés issus d'un vote populaire des membres de la WSFS et à ce titre, c'est peut-être le prix littéraire de SF le plus prestigieux pour celui qui le reçoit...


1946   Isaac Asimov   The Mule
1953   Alfred Bester   The Demolished Man
1955   Mark Clifton and Frank Riley   They'd Rather Be Right
1956   Robert A. Heinlein   Double Star
1958   Fritz Leiber   Time
1959   James Blish   A Case of Conscience
1960   Robert A. Heinlein   Starship Troopers
1961   Walter M. Miller Jr.   A Canticle for Leibowitz
1962   Robert A. Heinlein   Stranger in a Strange Land
1963   Philip K. Dick   The Man in the High Castle
1964   Clifford D. Simak   Way Station
1965   Fritz Leiber   The Wanderer
1966 ex-aeco   Roger Zelazny   The Big And Call Me Conrad
1966 ex-aeco   Frank Herbert   Dune
1967   Robert A. Heinlein   The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
1968   Roger Zelazny   Lord of Light
1969   John Brunner   Stand on Zanzibar
1970   Ursula K. Le Guin   The Left Hand of Darkness
1971   Larry Niven   Ringworld
1972   Philip José Farmer   To Your Scattered Bodies Go
1973   Isaac Asimov   The Gods Themselves
1974   Arthur C. Clarke   Rendezvous with Rama
1975   Ursula K. Le Guin   The Dispossessed
1976   Joe Haldeman   The Forever War
1977   Kate Wilhelm   Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
1978   Frederik Pohl   Gateway
1979   Vonda McIntyre   Dreamsnake
1980   Arthur C. Clarke   The Fountains of Paradise
1981   Joan D. Vinge   The Snow Queen
1982   C. J. Cherryh   Downbelow Station
1983   Isaac Asimov   Foundation's Edge
1984   David Brin   Startide Rising
1985   William Gibson   Neuromancer
1986   Orson Scott Card   Ender's Game
1987   Orson Scott Card   Speaker for the Dead
1988   David Brin   The Uplift War
1989   C. J. Cherryh   Cyteen
1990   Dan Simmons   Hyperion
1991   Lois McMaster Bujold   The Vor Game
1992   Lois McMaster Bujold   Barrayar
1993 ex-aeco   Vernon Vinge   A Fire Upon the Deep
1993 ex-aeco   Connie Willis   Doomsday Book
1994   Kim Stanley Robinson   Green Mars
1995   Lois McMaster Bujold   Mirror Dance
1996   Neal Stephenson   The Diamond Age
1997   Kim Stanley Robinson   Blue Mars
1998   Joe Haldeman   Forever Peace
1999   Connie Willis   To Say Nothing of the Dog


1946   Murray Leinster   First Contact
1955   Walter M. Miller Jr.   The Darfsteller
1956   Murray Leinster   Exploration Team
1958   Fritz Leiber   The Big Time
1959   Clifford D. Simak   The Big Front Yard
1967   Jack Vance   The Last Castle
1968   Fritz Leiber   Gonna Roll Them Bones
1969   Poul Anderson   The Sharing of Flesh
1973   Poul Anderson   Goat Song
1974   Harlan Ellison   The Deathbird
1975   Harlan Ellison   Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans
1976   Larry Niven   The Borderland of Sol
1977   Isaac Asimov   The Bicentennial Man
1978   Joan D. Vinge   Eyes of Amber
1979   Poul Anderson   Hunter's Moon
1980   George R. R. Martin   Sandkings
1981   Gordon R. Dickson   The Cloak and the Staff
1982   Roger Zelazny   Unicorn Variation
1983   Connie Willis   Fire Watch
1984   Greg Bear   Blood Music
1985   Octavia Butler   Bloodchild
1986   Harlan Ellison   Paladin of the Lost Hour
1987   Roger Zelazny   Permafrost
1988   Ursula K. Le Guin   Buffalo Gals Won't You Come Out Tonight
1989   George Alec Effinger   Schrödinger's Kitten
1990   Robert Silverberg   Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another
1991   Isaac Asimov   Gold
1992   Mike Resnick   The Manamouki
1993   Janet Kagan   The Nutcracker Coup
1994   Charles Shiffield   Georgia on My Mind
1995   David Gerrold   The Martian Child
1996   James Patrick Kelly   Think Like a Dinosaur
1997   Bruce Sterling   Bicycle Repairman
1998   Bill Johnson   We Will Drink A Fish Together
1999   Bruce Sterling   Taklamakan


1946   George Orwell   Animal Farm
1968 ex-aeco   Philip José Farmer   Riders of the Purple Wage
1968 ex-aeco   Anne McCaffrey   Weyr Search
1969   Robert Silverberg   Nightwings
1970   Fritz Leiber   Ship of Shadows
1971   Fritz Leiber   Ill Met in Lankhmar
1972   Poul Anderson   The Queen of Air and Darkness
1973   Ursula K. Le Guin   The Word for World Is Forest
1974   James Tiptree Jr.   The Girl Who Was Plugged In
1975   George R. R. Martin   A Song for Lya
1976   Roger Zelazny   Home Is the Hangman
1977 ex-aeco   Spider Robinson   By Any Other Name
1977 ex-aeco   James Tiptree Jr.   Houston Houston Do You Read ?
1978   Spider and Jeanne Robinson   Stardance
1979   John Varley   The Persistence of Vision
1980   Barry B. Longyear   Enemy Mine
1981   Gordon R. Dickson   Lost Dorsai
1982   Poul Anderson   The Saturn Game
1983   Joanna Russ   Souls
1984   Timothy Zahn   Cascade Point
1985   John Varley   Press Enter n
1986   Roger Zelazny   Twenty-four Views of Mount Fuji
1987   Robert Silverberg   Gilgamesh in the Outback
1988   Orson Scott Card   Eye for Eye
1989   Connie Willis   The Last of the Winnebagos
1990   Lois McMaster Bujold   The Mountains of Mourning
1991   Joe Haldeman   The Hemingway Hoax
1992   Nancy Kress   Beggars in Spain
1993   Lucius Shepard   Barnacle Bill the Spacer
1994   Harry Turtledove   Down in the Bottomlands
1995   Mike Resnick   Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge
1996   Allen Steele   The Death of Captain Future
1997   George R. R. Martin   Blood of The Dragon
1998   Allen Steele   Where Angels Fear To Tread
1999   Greg Egan   Oceanic


1946   Hal Clement   Uncommon Sense
1955   Eric Frank Russell   Allamagoosa
1956   Arthur C. Clarke   The Star
1958   Avram Davidson   Or All the Seas With Oysters
1959   Robert Bloch   That Hell-Bound Train
1960   Daniel Keyes   Flowers for Algernon
1961   Poul Anderson   The Longest Voyage
1962   Brian W. Aldiss   the Hothouse series
1963   Jack Vance   The Dragon Masters
1964   Poul Anderson   No Truce with Kings
1965   Gordon R. Dickson   Soldier Ask Not
1966   Harlan Ellison   Repent Harlequin ! Said the Ticktockman
1967   Larry Niven   Neutron Star
1968   Harlan Ellison   I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
1969   Harlan Ellison   The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World
1970   Samuel R. Delany   Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones
1971   Theodore Sturgeon   Slow Sculpture
1972   Larry Niven   Inconstant Moon
1973 ex-aeco   R. A Lafferty   Eurema's Dam
1973 ex-aeco   Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth   The Meeting
1974   Ursula K. Le Guin   The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
1975   Larry Niven   The Hole Man
1976   Fritz Leiber   Catch That Zeppelin!
1977   Joe Haldeman   Tricentennial
1978   Harlan Ellison   Jeffty Is Five
1979   C. J. Cherryh   Cassandra
1980   George R. R. Martin   The Way of Cross and Dragon
1981   Clifford D. Simak   Grotto of the Dancing Deer
1982   John Varley   The Pusher
1983   Spider Robinson   Melancholy Elephants
1984   Octavia Butler   Speech Sounds
1985   David Brin   The Crystal Spheres
1986   Frederik Pohl   Fermi and Frost
1987   Greg Bear   Tangents
1988   Lawrence Watt-Evans   Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers
1989   Mike Resnick   Kirinyaga
1990   Suzy McKee Charnas   Boobs
1991   Terry Bisson   Bears Discover Fire
1992   Geoffrey A. Landis   A Walk in the Sun
1993   Connie Willis   Even the Queen
1994   Connie Willis   Death on the Nile
1995   Joe Haldeman   None So Blind
1996   Maureen F. McHugh   The Lincoln Train
1997   Connie Willis   The Soul Selects Her Own Society ...
1998   Mike Resnick   The 43 Antarean Dynasties
1999   Michael Swanwick   The Very Pulse of the Machine


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