Le Nebula, à l'instar du Hugo est décerné par un vote de plusieurs milliers de membres d'une association dédiée à la SF.
En l'occurence, il s'agit ici de la "Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America" et le prix octroyé est un des plus prestigieux du genre avec le Hugo et le Campbell.


1965   Frank Herbert   Dune
1966 ex-aeco   Samuel R.Delany   Babel-17
1966 ex-aeco   Daniel Keyes   Flowers For Algernon
1967   Samuel R.Delany   The Einstein Intersection
1968   Alexei Panshin   Rite of Passage
1969   Ursula K.Le Guin   The Left Hand of Darkness
1970   Larry Niven   Ringworld
1971   Robert Silverberg   A Time of Changes
1972   Isaac Asimov   The Gods Themselves
1973   Arthur C.Clarke   Rendezvous With Rama
1974   Ursula K.Le Guin   The Dispossessed
1975   Joe Haldeman   The Forever War
1976   Frederik Pohl   Man Plus
1977   Frederik Pohl   Gateway
1978   Vonda McIntyre   Dreamsnake
1979   Arthur C.Clarke   The Fountains of Paradise
1980   Gregory Benford   Timescape
1981   Gene Wolfe   The Claw of the Conciliator
1982   Michael Bishop   No Enemy But Time
1983   David Brin   Startide Rising
1984   William Gibson   Neuromancer
1985   Orson Scott Card   Ender's Game
1986   Orson Scott Card   Speaker for the Dead
1987   Pat Murphy   The Falling Woman
1988   Lois McMaster Bujold   Falling Free
1989   Elizabeth Ann Scarborough   The Healer's War
1990   Ursula K.Le Guin   Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea
1991   Michael Swanwick   Stations of the Tide
1992   Connie Willis   Doomsday Book
1993   Kim Stanley Robinson   Red Mars
1994   Greg Bear   Moving Mars
1995   Robert Sawyer   The Terminal Experiment
1996   Nicola Griffith   Slow River
1997   Vonda McIntyre   The Moon and the Sun
1998   Joe Haldeman   Forever Peace


1965   Roger Zelazny   The Doors of His Face the Lamps of His Mouth
1966   Gordon R.Dickson   Call Him Lord
1967   Fritz Leiber   Gonna Roll the Bones
1968   Richard Wilson   Mother to the World
1969   Samuel R.Delany   Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones
1970   Theodore Sturgeon   Slow Sculpture
1971   Poul Anderson   The Queen of Air and Darkness
1972   Poul Anderson   Goat Song
1973   Vonda McIntyre   Of Mist and Grass and Sand
1974   Gordon Eklund & Gregory Benford   If the Stars Are Gods
1975   Tom Reamy   San Diego Lightfoot Sue
1976   Isaac Asimov   The Bicentennial Man
1977   Racoona Sheldon   The Screwfly Solution
1978   C.L.Grant   A Glow of Candles A Unicorn's Eye
1979   George R.R.Martin   Sandkings
1980   Howard Waldrop   The Ugly Chickens
1981   Michael Bishop   The Quickening
1982   Connie Willis   Fire Watch
1983   Greg Bear   Blood Music
1984   Octavia Butler   Blood Child
1985   George R.R.Martin   Portraits of His Children
1986   Kate Wilhelm   The Girl Who Fell Into the Sky
1987   Pat Murphy   Rachel in Love
1988   George Alec Effinger   Schrödinger's Kitten
1989   Connie Willis   At the Rialto
1990   Ted Chiang   Tower of Babylon
1991   Mike Conner   Guide Dog
1992   Pamela Sargent   Danny Goes to Mars
1993   Charles Sheffield   Georgia on My Mind
1994   David Gerrold   The Martian Child
1995   Ursula K.Le Guin   Solitude
1996   Bruce Holland Rogers   Lifeboat on a Burning Sea
1997   Nancy Kress   Flowers of Aulit Prison
1998   Jane Yolen   Lost Girls


1966   Jack Vance   The Last Castle
1965 ex-aeco   Roger Zelazny   He Who Shapes
1965 ex-aeco   Brian Aldiss   The Saliva Tree
1967   Michael Moorcock   Behold the Man
1968   Anne McCaffrey   Dragonrider
1969   Harlan Ellison   A Boy and His Dog
1970   Fritz Leiber   Ill Met in Lankhmar
1971   Katherine MacLean   The Missing Man
1972   Arthur C.Clarke   A Meeting With Medusa
1973   Gene Wolfe   The Death of Doctor Island
1974   Robert Silverberg   Born With the Dead
1975   Roger Zelazny   Home is the Hangman
1976   James Tiptree Jr.   Houston Houston Do You Read ?
1977   Spider & Jeanne Robinson   Stardance
1978   John Varley   The Persistence of Vision
1979   Barry B.Longyear   Enemy Mine
1980   Suzy McKee Charnas   Unicorn Tapestry
1981   Poul Anderson   The Saturn Game
1982   John Kessel   Another Orphan
1983   Greg Bear   Hardfought
1984   John Varley   Press Enter
1985   Robert Silverberg   Sailing to Byzantium
1986   Lucius Shepard   R&R
1987   Kim Stanley Robinson   The Blind Geometer
1988   Connie Willis   The Last of the Winnebagos
1989   Lois McMaster Bujold   The Mountains of Mourning
1990   Joe Haldeman   The Hemingway Hoax
1991   Nancy Kress   Beggars in Spain
1992   James Morrow   City Of Truth
1993   Jack Cady   The Night We Buried Road Dog
1994   Mike Resnick   Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge
1995   Elizabeth Hand   Last Summer at Mars Hill
1996   Jack Dann   Da Vinci Rising
1997   Jerry Oltion   Abandon in Place
1998   Sheila Finch   Reading the Bones


1965   Harlan Ellison   'Repent Harlequin !' Said the Ticktockman
1966   Richard McKenna   The Secret Place
1967   Samuel R.Delany   Aye and Gomorrah
1968   Kate Wilhelm   The Planners
1969   Robert Silverberg   Passengers
1970   Pas de prix décerné  
1971   Robert Silverberg   Good News from the Vatican
1972   Joanna Russ   When It Changed
1973   James Tiptree Jr.   Love Is the Plan the Plan is Death
1974   Ursula K.Le Guin   The Day Before the Revolution
1975   Fritz Leiber   Catch That Zeppelin
1976   C.L.Grant   A Crowd of Shadows
1977   Harlan Ellison   Jeffty Is Five
1978   Edward Bryant   Stone
1979   Edward Bryant   GiANTS
1980   Clifford D.Simak   Grotto of the Dancing Deer
1981   Lisa Tuttle   The Bone Flute
1982   Connie Willis   A Letter From the Clearys
1983   Gardner Dozois   The Peacemaker
1984   Gardner Dozois   Morning Child
1985   Nancy Kress   Out of All Them Bright Stars
1986   Greg Bear   Tangents
1987   Kate Wilhelm   Forever Yours Anna
1988   James Morrow   Bible Stories for Adults No.17 : The Deluge
1989   Geoffrey A.Landis   Ripples in the Dirac Sea
1990   Terry Bisson   Bears Discover Fire
1991   Alan Brennert   Ma Qui
1992   Connie Willis   Even the Queen
1993   Joe Haldeman   Graves
1994   Martha Soukup   A Defense of the Social Contracts
1995   Esther M. Friesner   Death and the Librarian
1996   Esther M. Friesner   A Birthday
1997   Jane Yolen   Sister Emily's Lightship
1998   Bruce Holland Rogers   Thirteen Ways to Water


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